The Mvsri Mission

Amaar Abouelghar, Omar Elzoheery, and Khaled Hassan Azzam. The first Mvsris.


The Mission

We're a way of life based in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Doha, Qatar as an immigrant of Afro-Arab descents, Amaar Abouelghar founded MVSRI with the vision to unite cultural nomads like us, behind a common mission of self-love and acceptance. A mission to belong, represent and own our 3rd culture.

We are home for the homesick, land for the landless, rest for the restless, peace for the anxious. On a bad day, we belong nowhere and to no land. On a good one, we belong everywhere for and by the people.

Our bigger mission is to establish MVSRI embassies all around the world, within the reach of the human community around it. Each embassy will foster the values of knowledge, healing, growth, gratitude to self and others, and kindness to self and others.


The Team

Amaar Abouelghar as Mission Mvsri

Omar Elzoheery as Production Mvsri

Khaled Hassan Azzam as Community Mvsri

Khalid Gamal Fares as Technology Mvsri