The Night Before the First of December

Mvrs at the Summer Stories Album Event: The first independent album listening party in Doha.

Ana Bas Hena Bahaddi Elnofoos

'Ana Bas' which is Arabic for 'just me' stems from a track by Egyptian rapper, Mvrs. Ammar stands by the value of mindfulness, ‘Ana bas henna bahadi el nefoos’ expresses his desire to be a vessel for inner peace. The collection is made for those who stand by their values, even if it is ‘Ana Bas’.

The Nomad Mvrs is a wanderer

Born to second generation immigrants, Mvrs' Grandparents left Egypt for Doha, where he was born and raised, before he himself immigrated to Toronto. The territory came with many trials and tribulations; before Ammar accepted his destiny as a cultural nomad. As an outside observer, he recognized his unique insight into cultural and social norms.

The Bonfire: Setting the mood for the collection

While conceptualizing the album, Ammar looked to the desert to find inspiration. On a cold moonlit night, Ammar gathered a collection of fellow nomads; a vibrant group of local artists, creatives and close friends around a bonfire, to exchange stories long into the night. The Bonfire collection sets the tone for the album and the Summer Stories Memory Pack, with visuals that capture these lost souls finding themselves around a bonfire on a cold summer night.

The Night B4: The Story

The core value of this campaign and why Mvsri chose to collaborate with Ammar on this project. November 30th 2018 was the launch of Ammar’ Summer Stories Album listening party, again bringing together artists, friends and fans to experience the album live with Ammar. A defining moment for Ammar and the local hip-hop scene in Doha, as the first independent album listening event. December 1st 2018, Ammar receives news of his grandfather passing, after a battle with Alzheimers. 

“A feeling I could not put into words that morning. 
It took me two years to be able to truly digest that moment when my mother was done telling me ‘Geddo.. البقية فحياتك’. [ resting in peace].
Some of the simplest words he told me are rules I live by to this day. 
من أفسد شيئاً فعليه اصلاحه
He who breaks it, fixes it."

The Night B4 collection features beautiful, handwritten calligraphy by Amaar, a skill his grandfather encouraged, often walking with him to his calligraphy classes. Those walks are where his grandfather imparted many words of wisdom that Amaar lives by to this day.

In honour of Ammar’s grandfather, Abdulghani Abouelghar, and all our loved ones battling Alzheimers, Mvsri pledges to donate 10% of all profits from Summer Stories to the Egyptian Alzheimer Society.

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